Who Do I Think I Am?

Here’s the truth: I have an obsession with the Ancestry.com website, as well as genealogy-themed TV shows like, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Finding Your Roots.”  Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is an amazing author, historian, and teacher, who has provided a great deal of inspiration to me during my search.  My hat is off to you, Dr. Gates!

When I first became interested in finding my own roots, I almost immediately got an Ancestry membership and found LOTS of information there that was helpful in the construction of my family tree. There are so many other members who are also cataloging their Gallant ancestry!  Drawing on other members’ trees, the hints (or leaves) that pop up whenever a new source is found,  and access to an extensive record of direct descendants of Michel Haché-Gallant, I was able to fill in quite a few blanks; however, if someone’s historical research doesn’t include multiple sources or citations, I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to do additional research to verify the records.

At some point, my tree will be completed, but there’s still work to do! In an effort to learn as many facts as possible, I’ve dug into Ancestry Academy and become a member of the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society, as well as PEI Ancestry.com

After 2 or 3 years of off and on research, I had my DNA tested just to see what might be revealed there.  Here’s a graphic showing the results of my estimated ethnicity:


The DNA analysis didn’t reveal any surprises, but my research on Ancestry did, and that was that there have been a number of adoptions in my family’s history that make it impossible to discover true lineage. And that’s a pretty wonderful discovery in and of itself! More on that later…

Recently, Ancestry added the “Genetics Communities” feature, which shows (in my case) population concentrations of ancestors, as well as AncestryDNA members with whom I most likely share DNA. The only surprise was the intense cluster (shown in red) of relatives in Massachusettes.  On my way to Boston soon, so hopefully I’ll feel right at home.


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