A Woman’s Place

Women have historically held the proverbial torch of liberty and equality and steadily shone it forward, illuminating the path toward justice and freedom for us all, but especially for future generations of women. Today is no different, as women and girls are continually threatened by violence and abuse and susceptible to a patriarchal model of subjugation. That model must be permanently rejected, and the most practical method to eliminate the injustice is to vote for candidates who value human rights and dignity, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic condition.  Donald Trump is the antithesis of the values for which generations of women have suffered and sacrificed so much!

Unless you’ve been dead for the last 18 months, you’ve heard Trump say some really despicable things about women and minorities, so I won’t elaborate. But here’s a litany just in case you missed it:

Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place

A vote for the Republican nominee is a tantamount to saying to your daughters that you don’t value their dignity, you don’t mind that they’re subjected to sexual assault, you aren’t interested in equality for them or for your mothers, wives, and sisters.  We women have an obligation to the suffragettes of the past and a responsibility to champions of the future to put our votes (and voices) to work for a lasting legacy that’s free from discrimination and cruelty.  (You men must do the same!)

In this country, we have the luxury to choose, and I am proud to say that I’M WITH HER!


Photo Credit: PrintMag.com

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