Hi there. My name is Martine Gallant, and I’m super curious about my ancestry!

I’ve been actively reconstructing my Gallant Family Tree on Ancestry.com for several years, but don’t find the format especially good for communicating the big picture… The one that’s told via stories.

At some point, my tree will be complete, but there’s still a lot of work to do!  In an effort to learn as many facts as possible, I’ve dug into the courses at Ancestry academy and become a member of the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society, as well as PEI Ancestry.com  Wish me luck!

I started this blog as a way to share the stories that I’ve stumbled across during the search for my roots. In some cases, I’ll have to “rewrite history” for clarification; other times, I’ll share information just as I found it. I’ll also include lots of links to other helpful historical resources. In any event, I hope you’ll find some interesting and entertaining tidbits here.

Please contact me if you have anything to add to the adventure!


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